Sunday, May 6, 2012


Kesabaran di hari ahad apabila melihat gambar ini.. 
seriously.. i miss my motorcyle... 
first picture

thanks to my bro for the wash.. 
the shiny one at the centre is my motorcycle. 

second picture.. 

this fish.. 
this fish was prepared for umai.. 
umai is one of melanau traditional food in sarawak.. 
i miss the moment when my bro or my mum cut this fish into small pieces
when i type this entry.. 
i will imagine it.. 
*please be patient oura*

and this is the latest picture that my bro sent through mms.. 
he rename this picture.. 

i miss my family
 i miss my sibling.. 
i miss my hometown.. 
i miss everything.. 
do u miss me?

talk to the hand!


credit to sis hidayah for this pic.. 

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