Friday, October 19, 2012

Express Your Feeling

What kind of things that you write? You want to share all your heart to the whole world? No.. Status in your heart, you can share it to everyone.. but. the heart is for the only one! For sure! Btw.. my writing today is just for fun.. I don't want to mention it about who..whom which and where. close your eyes.. and you will see..which image that appear in your mind. For sure, I bet him / her is the most important person for you.. Just ignore all the grammar mistake in this entry.. Such a long time I'm not wriitng in English and talking too much using this language.. tsk.. Nevermind, as long you and I agree to what  I am talking about right? 

When I got this title for my assginment. Wow.. its quite interesting. but when I  try to make it in essay ( to submit it to my lecturer).. Aaaah.. Its kindly different. It's quite hard.. a little bit hard.. . Yes I know I am not a practical person.. So how I can make it? Suddenly in the breezeee morning in BE Learning. I tell my friend. I search through google and so on.. but my asssgignment still not finish. *sound a little bit stress*

So.. I try to write it here.. 

Tajuk : Teknik Meluahkan Perasaan.. 
I will start my writing here.. but. I need to know what type of feeling that I need to express? huwaaa...actually  I don't have too much experience to share.. But I need to think it.. Is it about love?? owh..  I don't think so.. Feeling is not about love only.. its all about stress.. frust, jealous, homesick and so on.. 

I Think I'm In Love...
I will express it.  As simple as 123.. As simple as ABC.. I miss you.. so.. its truly clear that.. I miss him / her... I will express it by being someone that he /she like.. I will talk sofly ( kononnya la), I will dress perfectly with a simple make up and for sure, I'll be late to meet him.. why? because I want him to wait for me.. Like a hero wait for her heroin.. for example during dinner or lunch.. So. he /she will know.. that he must sacrifice for me.. Always be there for me.. So our expression to our love one is a little bit different to whom who are just friend... For example.. In Malay ok.. 

Girl : Ko dah makan ke?
Boy: dah.

Couple/ Lover
Girl : Awak... awak dah makan ke? Lewat dh nie.. 
Boy : Owh,, belum.. awak nak temankan kte makan ke? Jom la.. 
Girl: tak nak la.. saya tengah diet..
Boy: sampai hati awak.. lama saya tunggu tau.. semata mata nak makan dengan awak.. 
Girl : Ok.. sy teman awak makan yea.. sy minum jer.. 

See the different? A couple/ lovers will try to communicate better with their partner.. Being caring and always try to make sure that everything will be fine.. 

I Think I'm a little bit stress
This is my 4th semester.. So, I think my Degree Coursemate able to understand and notify when I am stress.. Actually,  I will express my stress just being alone or stay away for a while.. So, when someone a little bit weird to you.. or suddenly shut up his or her mouth.. please understand that she is stress ok.. So, for me, its better that we share stress condition.. so if  our friends want to prank with us,  he will notify our condition first? Agree... 

I think I am a litle bit jealous..
I will give  a simple situation.. I have been read it in FB before this..

Wife : Dear..  I want to see your handphone please.. just for while..
Husband : Wait for a minute.. ( Open all the message and folder in his phone)
  • Delete Message 
  • Delete Call Notification
  • Delete Contact
  • Delete Picture.. 
  • Format Memory Card..
Husband : pass his phone to his  wife..
Wife : why do you take a long time?  I just want to see what time is it.. =_=
Husband : tskkkkk...... 

So this is type of jealousy..  We can express it when we say it.. I'm a little bit jealous.. For sure. if the guy, he will always recheck his girlfriend handphone.. Check all the number. ask where are you.. where had you been.. It is simple.. Same for women also.. If he saw her boyfriend dinner with someone else. I think she will shut down her handphone for one or two hours.. so she able to keep calm.. When her mood is ok.. she will ask.. Who is that women.. (directly) although she already stalk that women earlier and add her as a friend in facebook.. :)
I am angry 
If I was angry, I will express it directly.. With a verbal or nonverbal communication. So the other will aware about it.. and for sure not repeat it next time.. Although its just a small matter.. I am a little bit sensitive. I knew about that.. but one fact that we need to know.. when someone is easy to get angry.. he/she is an easy going person to give you the forgiveness. I admit it.. :)

If I'm Happy
If I'm happy I will express it in my facebook and blog.. When I say thank you to my friends. I really mean it. For example after a trip to I city with my friend during semester two.. Waahhhhhhhhhh... that was a great  feeling. When I change my DP.. that is my current feeling..
When I feel I am Good
I will say alhamdulilah and express my smile.. I hug my parents.. Thanks for always being here for me.. I love both of you.. I will thanks everyone around me.. 


What kind of feeling when you see this picture!!! 

Amirul Hazeeq.. 
You are Super Cute baby that I have ever met.. 

Express it by sing a song like this..

Nite.. :)
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